The crowd in Calabar was the size of a crowd that welcomes a beloved hero back home. The last university in the campus tour of season 5, Unical proved that the best had really been saved for the last.

The numbers were record breaking. It hosted the largest turnout of students who stood close together in the densely packed hall. This was also the largest number of contestants and the largest set of unique talents.

The turnout was understandable. After all, the winners of Season 3 and 4 modelling contests and Season 1 performing artist all came from Calabar. The campus embraced the competition hopeful that they would produce more winners this season.

The long line of enthusiastic models who signed up to contest were hoping to become stars like the winners of seasons past. The past winners went onstage to share their experience from Calabar-Lagos -Zurich. Their shared stories motivated the contestants to dare.
The mood could be described as one which the contestants said, “We want to win too, we want the world at our feet. UniCal all the way!”

The audience was just as electric, appreciative and enthusiastic. The spirit of Calabar was festive and very lively.

Sponsors, Imperial Leather have no regrets about their involvement with the project since Season 3
“The campus tours are exciting for us as well, as it is an invaluable opportunity to interact firsthand with our target market which are the young people and from the thousands we meet, we look out for drive, passion, creativity and above all a unique sense of style. These are traits that make them worthy ambassadors of the brand.”

This year, Imperial Leather is sponsoring the fashion category which they have tagged ‘Masters Of Style’. “Our commitment goes beyond picking and recognizing talents. We are also committed to equipping youths for the future, that is why we are hosting the Masters of Style incubator before the bootcamp, and Masterclasses during the bootcamp. Most of these youths have entrepreneurial traits in the first instance but the formal learning offered puts structure to their inherent skills and makes them ready to take on the world.”

You don’t want to miss out on this one. Join the Dare2Dream train at the New Art Theatre, University of Calabar for an exciting day 2 because if you aren’t there, you haven’t really been anywhere!!!

For Terms, Conditions and more details, visit www.dare2dreamng.com;
IG and FB: dare2dreamng

Dare2Dream Season 5 is powered by Imperial Leather

Sponsored by FCMB

TV: Africa Magic, Wazobia TV, Wazobia Max

Radio: Cool FM, Wazobia FM

Web: bellanaija.com, Pulse.ng, 9jacampusstyle

Executive Producer: Kinabuti & Co-producer: Pulse.ng

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