With the Dare2Dreamers back in Nigeria, their time in Zurich remains a
very memorable experience to them, one that would probably last a
lifetime. The Dare2Dream Winners of Season 4 had flown to Zurich via
KLM to attend the Energy Fashion Night Zurich at HALLENSTADION ZÜRICH
which took place on the 5th May, 2018. The Dare2Dreamers made up of Promise Agbor, Ini Iniama, Josephine Eno,could not help expressing their amazement as they took in sights and
sounds of Zurich.

They were welcomed by the production team of the Energy Fashion Night who made them feel at home even as they were in a new environment. “It was a very wonderful experience, I was amazed to
see that much orderliness among a people and it taught me a lot which
I would be imbibing now that I am in back home.” Promise Agbor said.

The day after their arrival in Zurich, the 4th of May, Josephine
attend castings where she was picked after being celebrated for her
beauty and work ethic.

Fittings were also done for Port Harcourt based
designer Raycan Elvis and KEEXS @keexstribe, an innovative footwear
brand in Nigeria. At the event on the Saturday, 5th May, 2018, Josephine Eno, one of the
Dare2Dreamers spoke on stage with Caterina Bortolussi, Creative
Director of Dare2Dream, to the international audience who were in
attendance at the event about Dare2Dream and its vision for

The audience was made to understand what it meant to Africans  that their talents and creativity were shared with the world. explaining immigration as it affects the African Youth.

I had never been in front of an audience that large, and walking that
stage in Zurich with over 5000 people being in attendance made me
realize that my dreams were just one step ahead of me, and all I
needed to do was walk the talk.” said Josephine Eno.

The young dare2dreamers had dreams that were blooming in their mind
and the wish to expose it to the world attracted them to the
dare2dream platform. Now the dare2dreamers have been fully rewarded by
the KLM experience in Zurich so much that they have been exposed to
new possibilities on how to further their talents and this brings to a
larger society of youths who have seen the story of the dare2dreamers
hope that one day, they too will have a trip sponsored by KLM to a
place where they have only dreamed of being. “Most times all it takes
to bring the fire out of a person is a spark of hope” said Caterina
Bortolussi, Creative Director, Dare2Dream.

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