Where are you going to be on the 30th of November and 1st December 2018?
We will be at the art gallery in Bogobiri 2, 9 Maitama Sule Street Ikoyi setting up our second annual Christmas pop-up shop where we give away our high-quality pieces at 30% discount for a limited time. Traditionally, we do this only once annually but this year, we are setting up pop-up shop twice and in addition to the exclusive Kinabuti collection, we have added the work of our Dare2Dream Alumni Designers.
If you were not at the first pop-up shop, you missed a fun and fashionable event.
We were at the French Bazaar which took place at the poolside RSVP, 9 Eletu Ogabi VI, having fun whilst doing what we do best- making our clients happy, excited and looking their best.
We were gratified to see our high-profile friends patronize our stand. People like Remco Bohre (Director KLM), Bolanle Austen-Peters (founder of Terra Kulture) and others were a part of our clientele. They bought our items and that of the designer dreamers who were pleased to see their items flying off the rack.

The Dare2Dream Alumni designers Omotayo Paramole (Tesmi), Salvation Uzoma (Purple Kolection), Bola Yahaya (Winner Dare2dream S5 designer category) got orders from clients who want clothes custom made. Raycan Elvis got a bulk order from a customer who wants his hats in her stores.

Everyone who attended our first event had a really nice time and therefore we want you to be at the next. We know this second event is going to be just as vivacious as the first one was. We want you to be with us, having fun, purchasing our exclusive items for a discount and spicing your wardrobe.

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