After the fun of Day 1, the dreamers were plunged into the second days schedule. The day was going to be full, fun and impactful.The first activity of the day was a visit to Golden Penny Foods, one of the sponsors of the competition where they got a warm welcome and two masterclasses.

The first masterclass was facilitated by Geena Moore, the host of television show, “Foodies and Spice” and the second was taken by Babatunde Adenike.Geena spoke about big dreams requiring a lot of effort. “You can always dream, but if you do not put in work, you will always be a dreamer”, she said. Babatunde Adenike in turn, spoke to the dreamers about giving your best when you are a member of a team. “There is no winner in a losing team.”

To demonstrate the concepts of teamwork and effort, the dreamers were engaged in a cookoff. They were divided into six teams of three each. The judges were resource persons Geena Moore and Babatunde Adenike.

The rules for this cookoff were different from a usual competition. Only one person was allowed to cook at a time. When the cook’s time was up, he/she would tag another teammate who would continue from where the previous cook stopped. It was a beautiful way to demonstrate the concept of the value of every player in a team. It was fun to watch the teams make effort, especially some of them that were not so adept at cooking.

Each of the six teams prepared something different: Garri and okro soup, Wheat and Banga soup, Jollof spaghetti, Chicken coconut noodles; Semovita and Efo riro soup and Macaroni Bolognese.

Team Macaroni won the show and bagged themselves two months’ supply of Golden Penny products while the runner up, Team Spaghetti took home a months’ supply of Golden Penny products. All in all, the judges agreed that every team’s dish was delicious and the effort commendable.

When the fun was over, the dreamers returned to Eko Hotel for their Business Master class.

The business masterclass was directed by mentors from the Chellaram’s Foundation Centre; Kelly Daniel Oshiogwemue, Abayomi Adewunmi and Alfred Kolawuye. Elda David, Director of the Nirmala Chellaram’s Foundation rounded up the masterclass by sharing with the dreamers the importance of social media.

The final task of the day for the dreamers was to draw up a business plan which would be submitted on the 31st of August 2018.
For the dreamers, the experience continues on Day 3 as they continue to soak in everything and prepare for an exciting life ahead. We keep following them to enjoy what they are learning and be impacted too.
Stay with us as we tell you more about Bootcamp 2018.

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