Day 3 of Bootcamp was a mental gymnasium because becoming a star really starts from the mind. The dreamers had masterclasses from real masters in life and gained deep and profound insights about the journey ahead.
The day began at PZ Cussons, home of Imperial Leather and Canoe where the dreamers took a marketing masterclass facilitated by Simisola.
The dreamers then went to the FCMB Head Office where they had three mentors speak to them about the odyssey to the top. Amaka Destiny, a former radio presenter for Cool FM, Maya Horgan Famodu, founder of Ingressive and Ozzy Agu, television show presenter shared from their wealth of knowledge.
The lessons were so inspiring we had to share.
Simisola on retaining brand essence said, “You can change your marketing strategy but don’t change who you are”. She challenged the dreamers to know themselves, define their brand and stay consistent.
“Allow yourself to go through seasons” Amaka urged. “No two people have the same blueprint and so, finding yourself in life is important.”

Maya’s organization leads investments in top tech startups across Africa. She spoke to the dreamers about their associations. “You are the average of the 5 closest people to you. Your business will only grow as big as your spiritual and emotional level. ”
Ozzy Agu spoke to the dreamers about tolerance and the need for a tough skin, saying, “If you have the passion for what you do, you will endure whatever comes your way while trying to achieve it “. The presenter of 53 Extra is a perfect person to speak about grit and inner mettle. He has gotten this far by having these qualities.
Are the dreamers overwhelmed? It does not seem so. It is a lot to take in but it fuels their determination and drive. “We are taking so much out of these Master classes and we are grateful that we have a chance to be part of it” they said.
We are grateful too to share. Stay with us on this journey as life is really one grand bootcamp and their lessons are ours too.


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