Dare2Dream Features in Vogue Italia as Kinabuti Tells It’s Story of Fashion, Immigration & Youth Empowerment

Fashion, Immigration and Youth Empowerment –  Kinabuti tell its story on Vogue Italia

Folorunso Boluwatife, Agatha Ambrose, Benedicta Oshavire, Thelma Ejuh and other Dare2Dreamers star as pictures from the Dare2Dream season 4 photo-shoot at bootcamp were recently featured on Vogue Italia alongside a cover story with Caterina Bortolussi the co-founder of Kinabuti, the ethical fashion brand behind Dare2Dream.

 For those who do not know, Dare2Dream is a youth empowerment program targeted at talents in fashion and entertainment in Africa. It is a Kinabuti initiative sponsored by FCMB and Imperial Leather

Over the years, Dare2Dream now in its 5th season has discovered talents among the youths of Nigeria who have been exposed to the international scene, it has also created jobs for the youth.  Dare2Dream aims to channel young talents from Nigeria and Africa into entrepreneurship and income generation through the fashion, entertainment and media sectors. The initiative takes a keen interest in the fashion, entertainment and media sectors due to the rapid growth of these sectors; The Nigerian music industry alone saw a 15.7% growth last year and is expected to grow at a staggering 12.9% growth annually almost doubling from $47 million in 2015 to $86 million by 2020. The fashion, media and movie sectors are not lagging behind in any way as they have not only grown rapidly over the years; but also attained global recognition as sectors to be reckoned with all over the world. Hence Dare2Dream seeks to educate, entertain as well as create job opportunities for youths all over Africa with this reality TV series| empowerment programme showing on Television in up to 50 countries across Sub Saharan Africa.

In this interview, Vogue highlights the inspiration behind Dare2Dream and it’s importance in a society where women and youths are fleeing the continent en masse in a bid to make better lives for themselves abroad. In the end, many are usually forced into illegal acts in those countries.

Caterina went on to speak about Kinabuti being ethical not because of its social mission, but also because of its value for the African culture, which it shows by using organic and African made materials.

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