Yesterday was a day of tough decisions for us; to go on or not.It has been months since we made plans to come to Jos, it was a decision made with care, with love and with a lot of expectation.Jos has a reputation that precedes her and it is easy to see why. The beauty of the place and the tranquility seep into your soul and it is not a wonder that creative souls abound here.We chose to identify that talent and give the youth of this battle-scarred city a chance to shine on the big platforms they are entitled to. On our visits to the city, we had seen a sense of fashion like nowhere else. We enjoyed the warmth of the people, soaked in their beautiful environs and left richly blessed for their simplicity and love. Like everyone else in Nigeria, we have been alarmed at this outbreak of violence. Such ugliness does not belong in a place so pure and beautiful.So today we weighed opinions and made heavy decisions.

We have fallen in love with Jos and we shall not desert her in a dark place. We have promised the youth a chance to shine, we will not let them down. We are committed to raising influencers in this place who tell a different story of Jos – a story of resilience, a story of the unleashing of beauty and art even in a bitter time. We will allow Jos tell her story of triumph, of the glorious future, of hope. The Dare2Dream team in Lagos; in Kinabuti, FCMB, Imperial Leather and Canoe will still arrive in Jos. The team in Jos are committed too.

We all know the power of a hand that helps one up. We believe talent and preparation will meet opportunity from Wednesday the 27th to the 29th of June 2018 at the University of Jos Multipurpose Auditorium where together we Dare to Dream.We fight despair by dreaming and believing in a glorious future. Like every Jos resident, we echo with everyone, “We Jos want peace” The audition goes on. Join us in Unijos. God bless Plateau State.

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