• How The Dare2Dreamers Spent Their 4th Day in Zurich

After a successful Energy Fashion Night which took place on the 5th May, 2018, the Dare2Dreamers
who still could not get enough of Zurich had a tour round the city.
Day 4 started early enough with each of the dreamers preparing for the
photo shoot and styling themselves with outfits from Raycan Elvis
curated by Kinabuti.

The preparations for the shoot saw the dreamers interact with the
shoot directors, and learn a lot about shoot productions in Zurich.
They were also able to ask questions and learn about the culture of
people in Zurich and what people from Switzerland thought about Africa.

During the shoot, each person had 4 outfits which was worn and shot at
4 different locations. The shoot started from the city and moved to
the train station and then the old city. This
afforded the dreamers the opportunity to view more of the city and
even take beautiful pictures blending the African heritage with the
works of Raycan Elvis, @raycan_elvis in the European background of
“The world may seem diverse in culture and heritage, but when one race
is infused with another, a beautiful art work of humanity is formed”
said Promise Agbor the Beatboxer.

After the shoot, they went back to their hotels to pack their luggage
for their journey back to Lagos via KLM. All in all, it was a trip
well enjoyed where the dare2dreamers not just grace the energy fashion
night the biggest show they had ever experienced but also learnt a lot by meeting and exchanging with different people.

Thank you KLM for this opportunity

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