There are some things that stand out about Tayo and you cannot ignore. Tayo lives and breathes for fashion design, is determined, creative and passionate. With traits like this, it is not a surprise that he is already carving a niche for himself in the world of design.

The student of Creative Design from the University of Lagos heard about the Dare to Dream contest coming to his campus and he applied. He did not win but he was undeterred. He was going to try again but he did not want to wait for one year- so he packed a bag, jumped on a night bus and went to register in the University of Calabar which was going to be the last campus in the tour.

Destiny smiled on him this time and he was selected as one of the two designers in that campus. He did not rest on his oars because he knew that out of the 10 designers selected, only 5 would make it into the Incubator. He was one of the five.

Tayo won the hearts of all who met him in the house. They loved his eagerness to learn, his diligence and his creative ability. Though he did not make it to top three, he was still given a chance to showcase his pieces at the grand finale.

As current winner of the Vlisco Fund of a whooping two million naira and a trip to Amsterdam, Tayo credits his success to the Dare2Dream contest.

It was during the contest that he met Mai Atafo whose mentorship set him in the right direction. The iconic designer encouraged Tayo to apply for the Vlisco Fund.


In the incubator, Tayo’s favourite phrase to every instruction was “I will make you proud”. He did just that when he applied all he had learned from mood boards to business plans to everything in between.

The result of his resilience, talent, consistency and hard work is evident. And this is just a start.

Tayo dedicated his victory to his late uncle who inspired him to be a designer. Of course, he also dedicated this win to the Dare2Dream family.

We hear Tayo’s voice echo in our ears and we know he will keep making us proud. We see an international rising star living his dream.

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