In January 2018, if you asked Olamide to share his dreams, he would merely say modelling amongst other things. The undergraduate student of Industrial Design in FUTA wanted to be a model. He did not know then that the dream would come true- or that he would go very far. Then in July, he heard about the Dare2Dream auditions coming to Uniben and he decided to take a chance on himself. From Uniben, he applied himself to his talent. He learned, he worked hard and then, he was shortlisted to the incubator in Lagos where he became the darling of the model dreamers. Olamide has added determination to his dream and in just four short months, he has been signed on to an international agency! He is the second dreamer in Season 5 to be signed on and walked for top designers during Lagos Fashion Week (Mai Atafo and Orange Culture just to mention few)

As expected, Olamide is very excited about this and has a lot to say about his exciting journey and how he is thankful for all of it. “It’s every model’s dream to be recruited by an agency especially an international agency. “You can imagine how I felt when I heard I was signed into independent models Italy and IMG London! My dreams are finally falling into place and coming true.” The elated model shares that getting ahead requires that you do your part. “It’s been a wild ride full of intense training and some disappointments too, but I thank God for making me work hard and never stop believing. You need to believe in your dreams and work hard towards achieving that dream, might look impossible but you will make it possible.” We will be seeing more of Olamide as he takes his place internationally. If he can do it, so can you. A dream with a plan and execution is all it takes to rise to the top. Here at Dare2Dream, we are pleased and proud.

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