We are on the lookout for Multi-talented Models in PORT HARCOURT and CALABAR who will come with us to Lagos to compete in the 7-day-bootcamp hosted at the glamorous Federal Palace Hotel.
Every one of these ladies will meet the most influential trainers, mentors and judges from the Nigerian fashion, business and entertainment industry.
The last 4 finalists will then be given the opportunity to perform in front of a distinguished jury, the media, and of course, a truly amazing audience.
You can’t wait to get started, right? Well, if you’re ready, we are too!
To register online, visit the registration menu or click on the button called ‘CALL FOR ENTRY’.

Dare2Dream is produced by kinabuti and pulseng

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Author: majorie

pls how can I register

Author: d2d

Go to the page called “register”

Author: Blossom-psalm


My name is blossom-psalm am a professional musicain some how I know music formally so I would like to be giving the platform to show u what I hv, and what I can do with it so far! Thank you.

Author: Alaribe peace

Due to the search of models on campus, is short people allowed for the modeling competition?

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