2018 Instagram Trends – Get More Engagement, Beat The Instagram Algorithm

The past couple of years have seen a rise in social media users and one of the platforms ensuring this is Instagram. Last year, Instagram users witnessed some timeline (algorithm) changes that were not so favorable to the number of likes gotten on uploads and just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, Instagram announced that it was changing its algorithm again in January 2018. This of course would have an effect and cause certain trends to happen this 2018. So what
kind of trends should we be expecting this 2018?

1. Organic reach will drop:

This 2018 due to the newly changed algorithm, it would be even harder to reach your followers with your posts. So, the spiral effect of this would be even more sponsored posts on your timeline, because in order to reach your followers, you
would have to boost the posts.

2. More focus on stories:

This is because people are beginning to shift attention from static imagery to short moving pictures – short videos. Hence, this year, there would be a lot more insta-stories.

3. Insta-shopping will hit the roof:

A lot of people are now beginning to realize that they can make a lot of money from selling online and instagram provides a ready market for them. That is not even the best part, it is so much easier to set up the store on instagram, than set up an ecommerce website and spend thousands of naira on search engine optimization. However, due to the instagram algorithm changes, they would have a hard time reaching customers.

4. There would be more sponsored posts:

Both personal and brand pages would more easily use sponsored posts as a means to reach a wider audience. Especially for business owners, as opposed to spending more funds on publicists, they would more likely invest in sponsored posts targeting their required audience.

5. There would be more live videos:

People would embrace live video on instagram as a means to broadcast in real-time to their followers; this would sort of have an effect of each account being it’s unique TV channel, and your followers your unique audience.
Live videos would be most relevant in broadcasting events and real-time activities and also with communicating with your audience in real-time.

Now,you are probably wondering, what next?! There are a lot of questions in the air and understandably so! How can an account with a hundred thousand followers have just 10 likes? How can your insta-story be seen by just 20 people?! In short, WHERE ARE YOUR

Don’t get a panic attack just yet! Your followers are very much around. They love you! Best believe they do and they are also worried because they haven’t seen you in ages and are having the same problem.With the new instagram algorithm, your pictures are shown to 10% of your followers once you upload it, after which, depending on how much engagement you get from those followers in the shortest possible time, it decides on whether the remaining 90% of your followers would be
interested in seeing it. Now, how do you ensure that 10% of your followers love your picture in
order to get engagement from the other 90%? We would start from the basics because we believe that more engagement would come from organically built followership.

1. Be authentic, define who you are:

Who are you? What is your social media persona? How do you want to come across to your audience? How do you want people to see you? It is important to note all of this if you are to build your followership as defining what kind of brand or character it is you want to build on
social media would help you to define your audience and guide you in posting on social media. Remember, Instagram aesthetic is everything!

2. Define your audience and connect with them:

Whether you like it or not, not everybody will like to engage your posts immediately. So set out to define the demography of people you want to follow you. Who are they? What is their behavior like? Now that you have defined all this, start to engage them, by liking their
posts, following them etc.

3. Post at The Right Time:

By now, you are probably starting to get a decent number of followers from following number 1 & 2. However, that is not our aim and the aim is MASSIVE ENGAGEMENT, so we don’t stop there. Instead, we take it to the next level by posting our pictures and videos at the right time. It is always great to study your followers and know when they are mostly active. If makeup artistes follow you, their active periods will differ from office workers. However, there are specific times of the day you can never go wrong with, eg. 7:00am, 5:00pm, 7:00pm

4. Hash tags and Geotagging Help People Find You:

Hash tags are created to help people who are interested in similar posts follow the posts. Now on Instagram, you can follow specific hash tags which you want to keep seeing on your timeline. You are also allowed to use up to 30 hash tags on a single post and it increase your chances of being seen by people interested in that field. Be careful there though, Instagram has some banned hash tags so do a bit of research there as well. Geotagging helps people in your location
find you. Geotag your stories and posts and chances are that people in the same location will find your posts.

5. Engage Others:

It is SOCIAL media, so there is really no room for selfishness. Like people’s posts, comment, follow back. Engagement is the blood of social media. It is why you share pictures because you have the hope that someone somewhere, somehow would like the picture. Also post
engaging pictures. Don’t just put a picture and leave it at that. Write an engaging caption. Ask a question, ask people to follow you or like your post.

6. Hop On Trends:

Every now and then, there would be trends. Trends are viral campaigns which have got a lot of people talking about them. Join these conversations; it helps to put you out there and more people would come knocking on your door just so that they can like your pictures and follow you.

7. Study Your Competition:

Whether you are a brand or a person you have competition. Your competition is doing better than you on social media. Your competition has more likes and followers than you. Study them. How do they do what they do? When do they post? How often do they post? Who are their audience? Studying your competition helps you discover new ways to beat them and puts you one step, even two, ahead of the game.

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Beautiful!! I can’t wait to start applying these to my Instagram page!

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