Tega Obahor – Fashion Designer and Event Planner

Tega obahor is a young promising Nigerian fashion designer, teacher, and a wedding planner. He is the C.E.O of Tsfinery houxe of fashion and modeling agency. He is the founder and creative director of fashion sensation, an entertainment and runway fashion event which holds annually across different states in Nigeria.

He participated at dare2dream competition sponsored by Daviva and emerge best designer in Lagos, which earned him the opportunity to showcase his work usi and a fabrics at the prestigious “Kinabuti” fashion show held at Federal Palace Hotel Victoria island Lagos, having top designers, bloggers, artists, C.E.Os and many more at attendance. He is creative and skilled in production of all kinds of outfits for both sexes, also into making of customize Ankara shoes, bags and accessories.

Facebook : Tega toaDor

Instagram : @tsfineryfashionhouxe

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